Become a Foster…Save a Life!

Fostering is extremely rewarding and one of the best ways you can volunteer. While we understand some people are afraid to foster because they feel they will become too attached we ask you this…Isn’t it so much better to know you have given a dog, who would otherwise be euthanized, a chance to find a loving home, and wouldn’t it be amazing to know you had a part in saving a life? Fostering is truly a rewarding experience.

Little Feet Big Heart Rescue will pay for all vetting, food and supplies whenever necessary. We just need you to open your heart and home to a homeless dog in order to give that dog a chance at a happy life. Our foster homes are extremely important to us and without them our organization could not exist. When you foster you become a part of a very special family.

Foster Questions

Does Little Feet Big Heart Rescue need foster homes?

YES! Fosters are the heart of our organization. We do not have a shelter site. Without foster homes we would not exist.

How do I become a foster home?

If you are interested in becoming a foster home fore LFBHR, you must fill out the foster application.

What does it mean to be a foster?

All you need to do provide is a temporary home until we find a suitable forever home for our dog. This includes healthy dog food to eat, a warm, soft place to sleep, lots of playtime and exercise, and any basic obedience training you can provide.  As a foster, you will know more about the dog than anyone…your input is important!

How old do I have to be to be a foster?

You must be 21 years of age to foster a dog for LFBHR.

What if my foster dog needs to go to the vet?

Little Feet Big Heart Rescue will pay for the vet care at one of our approved vet partners. You will discuss the care your foster dog needs with us before you make the appointment.

What if I have to go out of town when I have a foster dog?

No worries! Just let us know your plans as soon as possible and we will find a temporary foster while you are away.

What If I can’t foster all the time?

No problem! You can still help our dogs. When fosters go out of town, we need people who can foster temporarily to give our dog a place to hang out! In addition, we often need places for dogs arriving on transport to stay overnight until a permanent foster can be found. Becoming an overnight or temporary “emergency” foster is a tremendous help to our organization.

What if I want to adopt my foster dog?

We would be so happy to have you give your foster dog a permanent home if your home is the perfect match for the dog! There is one exception. If a potential adopter has gone through the adoption process (application, meet & greet, home visit, and we commit to the adopters that they will get a particular dog) then it is too late. Any other time, your foster dog can be yours to adopt!

What if I want to help but I can’t foster?

There are many ways to support our dogs. We are always in need of the following:
1. Transporters (from the shelter, to and from the vet, to and from adoption events, etc.)
2. Adoption Event Organizers
3. Website knowledge
4. Administrative tasks
5. Home visits
6. Fundraisers
8. Photography
We believe that everyone has time, talent or treasure they can provide to Little Feet Big Heart Rescue. If you want to help, you can.

If you feel you would make a good foster home please click the button below to fill out a foster application. 

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