About Us

After 10 years of helping animals in need, Jennifer Wemmell established Little Feet, Big Heart Rescue, Inc. to provide rescue and rehabilitation services to homeless and abandoned dogs as well as community out reach and education. The rescue and network of foster homes offer consistent love, veterinary care, socialization and training.  

LFBHR is an ELITE rescue and is set apart from other rescues as our dogs are vetted with every vaccine including Lepto prior to adoption as well as Lyme if the dog is of age. We offer complete concerierge services to all of our adopters such as helping with training tips, in home evaluations, referrals for vets, groomers and local trainers.

At LFBHR, the dogs sleep in soft beds, have plenty to eat, feel the comfort of human touch, play in a yard, nuzzle a foster “furbling”, and most importantly, they gain confidence and cast aside any fears from experiences in the past.

LFBHR also serves as a resource to the community by advocating responsible dog ownership and all that it entails, from proper socialization and training, to the benefits of routine medical care.  LFBHR is especially involved with spaying and neutering clinics and services to prevent further overpopulation. We provide education and information on available lower cost veterinary options. We also work with owners on the verge of surrendering their dogs to shelters to figure out a retention plan to avoid unnecessary burdens on municipalities and lessen the pain and suffering of dogs. We strive to build a community where dogs are valued and treated with respect and the quality of life they deserve.